1 August 2005

Mary Meriam

Mary Meriam is an American poet with an MFA in poetry from Columbia University. Her poems and essays have been published in Bay Windows, Lodestar Quarterly, Sinister Wisdom, Street Spirit, and Harrington Lesbian Literary Quarterly, among others. Her first book of poems, The Countess of Flatbroke (Modern Metrics 2006) features an afterword by Lillian Faderman and cover design by R. Nemo Hill. In 2006, she was awarded Honorable Mention in Poetry by the Astraea Foundation Lesbian Writers Fund.

Here is one of Mary's


She's ready for the warm embrace, the safe
sweet nook of academe, a teaching job,
a power suit, no more a homeless waif,
assigned an office with a door, a knob,
a desk, and lots of time to write and think
in atmospheres of open minds, in peace.
She's had enough "experience" to sink
a ship. Her work is published without cease,
and she has no connections, nor the cash
to buy her way inside. Consider how
she loves to learn. Consider how she'll dash
to help her students' wobbly work, her tao
of bringing glory to the writing schools,
her skill in hatching geniuses from fools.

For more about Mary, see her Vita

Email Mary at mmeriam@ipa.net.