21 November 2005

Something Good

Julie AndrewsDear Dame Julie Andrews,

I'm not suggesting anything! I was only a love-starved teenager 30-something years ago when I first danced with you. Certainly, you weren't trying to seduce me. But you did. So I wrote about you and me and the gazebo.

Something Good

I waltz with Julie Andrews in her blue
desire dress one summer night, and we
are floating from the castle garden through
the edelweiss and falling dreamily
in love in the gazebo. "Nothing comes
from nothing. Nothing ever will," she sings
to me alone, while silky darkness hums
along in harmony with lovely things.
For here you are, you're standing there, in truth
you're loving me and touching me with your
soft womanhood. So somewhere in my youth
inside of Julie's sound of music, pure
confusion slowly melts, and any doubt
dissolves as Julie guides my coming out.

Happy 40th Anniversary to The Sound of Music!
~ Mary
PS: A friend of Woman-Stirred, Julia Maresca, helps produce the Long Island G&L Film Festival.
[Something Good was first published in Bay Windows on 11/17/05]