1 November 2005

What is Woman-Stirred? In Sonnets

There were three women wishing to be heard
who found a little spot in cyberspace.
Virginia helped them name it Woman-Stirred.
Go look, you’ll see Virginia’s words and face.
You may decide to take a little scroll.
There’s Jan of Oakland, England Nicki, me
the Mary nomad, munching on a bowl
of fruit and growing flowers literary.
A network, forum, showcase of our voices,
resources, journals, photographs, and art.
You want to know if lesbians have choices?
There’s Sudie, Merry, Charlotte, Julie—start
of list that isn't finished—Lillian—
a new refreshing light on lesbian.

We were a queer quartet at first, but then
Liann, it seems, had novel things to do.
(Please note, Liann, that I’ll be stirred again
to lift my pen to praise your books and you.)
Are flowers three enough for a bouquet?
Would Woman-Stirred be fuller with another?
From Washington, DC, she rose to say
she loves our place. So here is Julie Enszer!
A lesbian supreme, a poet, and
the queen of raising funds; a playful mind,
a tender heart; she always takes a stand
for justice, peace, the best of humankind.
May Woman-Stirred be worthy of your presence!
We’re glad you’re here! Okay, unwrap your presents!