5 April 2006

Merry in the Springtime

It really is almost spring in Vermont. The snow that fell earlier this week is melting and the Alice the c-a-t has that look in her eye, as if to say: get me OUTside now!

And spring is looking very good for Woman-Stirred Radio! Today, I interview Catie Curtis, the Boston-based folksinger and songwriter who really has something to say about life on this planet. Please set your browser to www.wgdr.org April 6th at 4:30 pm for a conversation with Catie Curtis. And as Julie R. Enszer points out, I will be playing Catie's music so tune in early.

Woman-Stirred Radio airs every Thursday, from 4 until 6 pm, on www.wgdr.org community radio for Vermont... and the rest of the world.