5 September 2008

Patricia Harrelson's new book, Between Two Women

Patricia Harrelson, a member of the lesbian writers listserv and a writer who all of us at Woman-Stirred admire a lot, has a new book out called Between Two Women. It's about a married woman, presumed heterosexual, who falls in love with a woman.


"When they came together, everything changed!

Married for 33 years and the mother of three grown children, Patricia leads a comfortable life. But one day, she crosses a line into the arms of a woman. Once there, she can't ignore the emotional intensity she's discovered. Within three months, she leaves her husband to live with her lover.

Facing family and friends who are bewildered and disturbed, Patricia begins to question much of what she has always believed. Confusion permeates her sleep, and night after night, she awakens trembling with uncertainty. Trying to regain balance, she turns to gay and feminist books and publications. But the ideas she finds there further disrupt her sense of self.

Then she meets Carol, a sixty-nine-year-old woman who knew from the time she was a child that she was lesbian. A friendship blossoms as Carol tells Patricia the story of her closeted life during the 50s and 60s living with and loving woman. Their conversations are lively with the wit of the elder woman and thoughtfully reflective as Patricia grapples with the consequences of her impulsiveness.

Spirited and sensitive, Between Two Women illuminates fundamental questions about the changing nature of love and relationships."

Patricia has a blog at http://editeyes.com/, where she writes:

My book, Between Two Women, is a creative endeavor that explores why I turned away from a long-held heterosexual identity. The book takes a unique approach to memoir using a style that was cultivated at Antioch University where I earned my MFA in Creative Writing with concentrations in Non-fiction & Poetry. I have taught creative writing workshops through Columbia College, the Central Sierra Arts Council, and the Sierra Waldorf School. I also write theater reviews and feature articles for the Sonora Union Democrat and have published essays and poems in literary magazines, including Manzanita, Tiny Lights, and Penumbra."

We congratulate Patricia on her new book and look forward to hearing from her on Woman-Stirred Radio!