8 November 2008

Digital Destiny and Julia Brown on Woman-Stirred Radio

Thursday, November 13th, on Woman-Stirred Radio: Jeff Chester and Julia Brown.

Bill Moyers calls Jeff Chester, "the Paul Revere of the media revolution," and Bob McChesney calls Digital Destiny "the most important book on media policy in years," just two of the reasons Merry Gangemi and Woman-Stirred Radio are delighted to welcome Jeff Chester this Thursday, November 13th at 4:15 (EST) for a discussion of, Digital Destiny: New Media and the Future of Democracy, The New Press (2008).

In Digital Destiny, Chester illuminates the background and progress of the battle for media control and how interactive data collection drives an electronic media system designed to sell rather than serve the public, a system dominated by aggressive digital marketing, interactive advertising, and personal data collection, all of which conspire to obliterate privacy as we know it. The explosive growth of the internet and broadband communications gives Americans unprecedented access to information, but major communications companies as well as a host of lobbyists and policy-makers see dollars instead of democracy.

Chester is the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. His is a former investigative reporter and filmmaker and has been at the forefront of the fight against media consolidation and commercialism for nearly 30 years.

And at 5:00, we welcome singer-songwriter Julia Brown, and talk about her work, her life, and her second album, Strange Scars, which takes its title from a wonderful passage by Henry James: “And, then, I don’t want any second-hand, spurious sensations; I want the knowledge that leaves a trace—that leaves strange scars and stains and reveries behind it.”

Oh yes, Julia Brown is no lightweight and WSR is delighted to welcome her to the show.

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