12 January 2010

Sexuality & Socialism: Sherry Wolf on Woman-Stirred Radio

This Thursday on WSR please join me, Merry Gangemi, in welcoming author and lesbian activist Sherry Wolf. We'll talk about her new book, Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics and Theory of LGBT Liberation (Haymarket, 2009). Fluidly-written and delightfully accessible, Sexuality and Socialism recounts and explores the history of the LGBT liberation movement, and articulates strategies and possibilities in achieving equality and full citizenship.

Sherry Wolf is a member of the editorial board of International Socialist Review, Wolf has written articles on a variety of topics ranging from the war in Iraq to the struggle of women to gain access to abortion. Her articles “Stonewall: The birth of gay power,” and “The Myth of the Black/Gay Divide” as well as essays and lectures can be seen in Monthly Review, Znet, and on CounterPunch, and on YouTube.

Praise for Sherry Wolf and Sexuality and Socialism:

"'What humans have constructed they can tear down.' This is the powerful insight of this rare book that is at once politically important, theoretically and historically sophisticated, and clearly written. Sexuality and Socialism is enlivened in its engagement with a number of controversies, including those over the alleged biological determination of homosexuality, the myth of Black homophobia, and the consequences of postmodernist theories for the politics of gay liberation. Above all else, Wolf puts forward a cogent defense of the Marxist tradition—long and wrongly reviled as homophobic in itself—as a way to explain how LGBT oppression arose and what we can do to put it to bed” (Dana Cloud, University of Texas at Austin).