Guests You May Have Missed


Judith Arcana, What If Your Mother
Sandra Beasely,  I Was the Jukebox
Beverly Bell, Faultlines
April Bernard, Romanticism 
Sophie Birdsall, Missed Connections
Sheila Black, Love,/Iraq
Eavan Boland, The Making of a Poem: A Norton anthology of poetic form
Mary Boyle, Director of Communications for Common Cause
Elizabeth Bradfield,  Interpretive Work; Approaching Ice
Sharon Bridgforth, The Bull-Jean Stories
Traci Brimhall, Our Lady of the Ruins
Steph Byrd,
Amanda Coe, What They Do in the Dark
Barbara Crooker,  More
Rachel Dacus,  Original Poems
Crescent Dragonwagon,  Bean by Bean
Julie R. Enszer, Handmade Love, Sisterhood
Sheila Fisher, The New Selected Canterbury Tales
Suzanne Gardinier, Today: 101 Ghazals
Kimiko Hahn, Toxic Flora
Jeri Hilderley, The Seawaves
Susan Hawthorne, Cow
Joyce Hinnefeld,
Merle Hoffman,  Living Illegal
Marcia Karp, Poems
Eloise Klein Healy, The Islands Project: Poems for Sappho
Maxine Kumin, Still to Mow
Dorianne Laux, The Book of Men
Joan Larkin, My Body
Jeanne Lupton, Tanka: But then you danced
Lynn Martin
Catherine Mich,
Janell Moon, The Mouth of Home
Julie L. Moore, Slipping Out of Bloom
Ruth Mountaingrove
Elizabeth Oakes, The Luminescence of All Things Emily
Mary Rose O’Reilley, Half Wild
Meghan O'Rourke, Once
Alicia Ostricker
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Zara Raab,
Martha Serpas, The Dirty Side of the Storm
Davida Singer, Port of Call
Jan Steckel,  The Underwater Hospital
Samn Stockwell, Recital
Anna Thomas, Love Soup
Ellen Ullman,  By Blood
Julia Vinograd,  Cannibal Casserole, When God gets Drunk
Ellen Bryant Voigt, Messenger
Lesley Wheeler, Heathen
Lisa Williams, A Woman Reading to the Sea
Betsy Warland


Gina Apostal,  Gun Dealers' Daughter
Sally Bellerose,  The Girls Club
Sarah Braunstein, The Sweet Relief of Missing Children
Nona Caspers, Heavier than AirA Little Book of Days
Samantha Chang, All is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost
Anne Cherian,  The Invitation
Amanda Coe, What they Do in the Dark
Stefani Deoul, Carousel
Elana Dykewomon,  Risk
Sara Farizan, If You Could Be Mine
JD Glass, Punk & Zen, Punk like Me,  Red Light, X
Ellen Hart, The Mirror and the Mask (2009), The Cruel Ever After (2010)
Morgan Hunt, Tess Camillo mystery series
Joyce Hinnefeld, In Hovering Flight; Stranger Here below
Fay Jacobs, For Frying Out Loud
Lynn Kear, Tighter, Tighter
Elizabeth Laird, A Little Piece of Ground
Diane Lefer, California Transit
Eleanor Lehrman,  Janet Planet
Lee Lynch, Swashbuckler
Lynn Kear, Tighter, Tighter
Marianne Martin,
Val McDermid, Trick of the Dark
Eileen Myles, Snowflake/ different street
Jane Rule, Contract with the World;  After the Fire
Bett Norris, Miss McGhee
Sarah Schulman, The Mere Future
Joanna Skibstrud, This Will Be Difficult to Explain
Diana Souami, Coconut Madness
Christine Stark, Nickels: a tale of dissociation
Ellen Ullman, By Blood
Rachel Spangler, Long Way HomeJudith Stelboum, Past Perfect 
Terry Wolverton, Stealing Angel


Alicia Abbott, Fairyland
Bettina Aptheker, Intimate Politics: How I grew up Red, Fought for Free Speech... Feminist Rebel 
Electa Arenal, (trans) Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, The Answer/La respuesta
Cloe Atkins,  My Imaginary Illness 
Robin Bernstein, Racial Innocence
Marla Brettschneider, Family Flamboyant: Race, Politics, Queer Families, Jewish Lives
Chris Bobel, New Blood: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation
Kim Bobo, Wage Theft in America
Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer 
Prudence Carter, Stubborn Roots: Race, Class, and Inequality in US and South African Schools
Karen Cerulo,  Never saw It Coming: Cultural Challenges to Envisioning the Worst
Ellen Clegg,  The Alzheimer's Solution
Kate Clinton, The Glee Party
Penny Coleman, Flashback: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, and the Lessons of War
Kate Davy,  Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers
Didi Emmons, Wild Flavors: one chef's transformative year cooking from Eva's garden
Sheila Fisher, The Canterbury Tales (new trans.)
Julie R. Enszer, Milk and Honey: a celebration of Jewish lesbian poetry
Laura Flanders, At the Tea Party, Blue GritBush Women
Suzanne Gordon, Beyond the Checklist
Linda Gordon, Dorothea Lange: A life without limits
Nakki Goranin, American Photobooth
Judy Grahn, Blood, Bread, and Roses: How Menstruation Created the World
Carolyn Gage, The Butch Project
Merle Hoffman, Intimate Wars: the life and times of the woman who brought abortion from the back alley to the boardroom
Gwen Kirk,  Women's Lives: Multicultural Perspectives
Felicia Kornbluth,  The Battle for Welfare Rights: Politics and Poverty in America
Madeline M. Kunin,  The New Feminist Agenda:  defining the next revolution for women, work, and family.
Jenny Ladd &; Becky Liebman,  Bold Giving
Annie Lanzalotto, L is for Lion
Marnial Lazreg, The Twilight of Empire
Joan Leegant,  Wherever You Go
Sharon Lerner,  The War on Moms
Leila Levinson, Gated Grief: The daughter of a GI concentration camp liberator discovers a legacy of trauma
Meira Levinson, No Citizen Left Behind
Marie Friedman Marquart, Living "Illegal" 
Caitrin Lynch, Retirement on the Line: age, work, and value in an American factory
Lorraine Massey, Curly Girl
Katherine Newman, Poverty in America
Brigid O'Farrell, She Was One of Us: Eleanor Roosevelt and the American worker
Meghan O'Rourke, OnceNancy Polikoff, Beyond (Gay and Straight) marriage: valuing all families under the Law
Susan Quinn, Furious Improvisation: How the WPA and a cast of thousands made high art out of desperate times
Joan Reardon
Mary Roach, Boink: The curious coupling of science and sex; Packing for Mars: The curious science of life in the void
Judy Rosenberg, The All Butter, Cream Filled, Sugar-Packed Baking Book
Sharon Rudahl,  A Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Novel of Emma Goldman
Joan Schenkar, The Talented Miss Highsmith: The secret life and serious art of Patricia Highsmith
Nancy Sherman, The Untold War: inside the minds, hearts, and souls of our soldiers
Martha Nell Smith, Open Me Carefully: Emily Dickinson’s intimate letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson
Elizabeth Streb, How to Become an Action Hero
Renate Stendhal,  True Secrets of Lesbian Desire
Cynthia Wachtell, War No More: The antiwar impulse in American Literature
Mary Walton,  A Woman’s Crusade: Alice Paul and the battle for the ballot
Florence Williams, Breasts: a natural and unnatural history
Robin P. Williams,  Sweet Swan of Avon: Did a Woman Write Shakespeare
Sherry Wolf, Sexuality and Socialism
Katie Workman, Mom 100 Cookbook
Angie Young, The Coat-hanger Project


Alysia Abbott, Fairyland: a memoir of my father
Judith Barrington, Lifesaving
Alison Bechdel, Fun Home
Grethe Cammermeyer,  Serving in Silence
Sharon Doubiago,  My Father's Love
Lillian Faderman,  Naked in the Promised Land; My Mother's Wars 
Susan Griffith, What Her Body Thought
Mikaya Heart, My Sweet Wild Dance
Stacy Pershall, Loud in the House of Myself
Sharon Proux-Turner, Where the Rivers Join
Jane Satterfield, Daughters of Empire: A Year in Britain and BeyondBelle Yang, Forget Sorrow
Patricia Nell Warren,  My West
Judith K. Witherow, Strong Enough to Bend

Joan Armatrading
Eve Beglarian
Julia Brown
Catie Curtis
Angie Evans
Janis Ian
Patti Larkin
Alexandra Luna
Anais Mitchell
Holly Near
Amy Ray (Indigo Girls)
Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies)
Rebecca Turner
Susan Werner

Publishers, Comedians, Activists, and everyone else

Bold Strokes Press, Radclyffe, publisher
Amity Pierce Buxton, founder, Straight Spouse Network
Bywater Books, Kelly Smith and Val McDermid, publishers
JD Glass, ed. Core 
Rachel Jury, British comedian
Liz Bradbury, ex. dir. Pennsylvania Diversity
Liza Cowan, gallery owner, and publisher of DYKE
Barbara Hammer, independent filmmaker
Sue Hyde, lesbian/queer activistDeela Khan, South African activist
Melissa Moon, queer Wiccan and programmer at WGDR
Clare Summerskill, British comedian and author of We’re the Girls
Linda Stein, sculptor
Barbara Vacarra, president of Goddard College