Woman-Stirred Men

Woman-Stirred Guys

Renard Jeffrey Allen, Rails Under My Back
John Amen,  More of Me Disappears
Charlie Anders, transsexual
Aaron Anson, Inspirational
Paul Beaudry, right-wing VT talk show host
Nathaniel Bellows,  Why Speak?
Ben Binstock, Vermeer Family Secrets
David Budbill, While We Still Got Feet
Josh Cody,  [sic]
Jeff Chester, Digital Destiny
Ernest Drucker, A Plague of Prisons: The Epidemiology of mass Incarceration in America
Andre Dubus III, The Garden of Last Days
Charles Fishman,  Chopin's Piano
Charles Flowers, ed. Bloom
Nick Flynn, The Ticking Is the Bomb
Tom Gallant, The Lord God Bird
Anand Giridharadas, The True American
Rigoberto Gonzales, poet. So Often the Pitcher Goes to Water until It Breaks
Marvin Hiemstra,  French Kiss Destiny
James Hoch, Miscreants
Major Jackson, Hoops
Sebastion Junger,  A Death in Belmont
Kinsey Sicks, queer comedians
Jeffrey L. Kidder, Urban Flow
Andrew Koppelman, Same Sex, Different State
Ray Korona, (the Ray Korona Band)
Jim Lehey,  My Bread
Michael David Lukas, The Oracle of Stamboule
John T. Matteson,  Outcasts in Eden: Louisa May Alcott and her Father
                                   The Lives of Margaret Fuller
Terry Messman,  ed. Street Spirit (SF)
Scudder Parker, gubernatorial candidate, VT (2006)
Jay Parini, Promised Land
Phillip Pomper, Lenin's Brother
Ray Raphael,  Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation
james reeves,  The Road to Somewhere
Matt Rothschild, ed.  The Progressive Magazine
Skeeter Saunders, queer programer at WGDR
Jim Schley,  As When in Season
James Schwartz,  In Pursuit of the Gene
Ben Silverstein, fashion and gender
Representative Peter Welch (D) VT
Paul Wilkes, The Art of Confession