29 March 2007

Marla Brettschneider on Woman-Stirred Radio

Marla Brettschneider's latest book, The Family Flamboyant, is a virtual romp through the multicultural constructions of the Queer Family.Through the lens of her own experience, Brettschneider leads the reader through a a critical analysis of the queer family and its connections to Jewish lives and race politics.The Family Flamboyant is an fascinating narrative that traces the many permutations of family formation.

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21 March 2007

Same Sex Different States: When same-sex marriages cross state lines

Andrew Koppelman is professor of law at Northwestern University School of Law. Koppelman joined the law school faculty in fall 1997; he is an expert in constitutional law and political philosophy. His current research focuses on paternalism and perfectionism in the law, with special attention to the enforcement of morals. He has also written The Gay Rights Question in Contemporary American Law and Antidiscrimmination Law and Social. Equality.

The disagreements over interstate recognition are almost as profound as those over the underlying marriage issue. Some think that recognition of same-sex marriage is demanded by the provision of the U. S. Constitution that requires states to give "full faith and credit" to each other's legal judgements.... Others think that states should adopt a blanket rule of nonrecognition, under which same-sex marriages would be void outside the jurisdiction that recognized them. (xii)

In crisp, clean language such as this, Andrew Koppelman elucidates the background, precendents, and legal decisions that are foundational to his discussions about same-sex marriage in the context of law and public policy.

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14 March 2007

Samn and Jackie on Woman-Stirred Radio!!

In her own words, Samn Stockwell describes herself and Jackie:

Samn writes poetry and teaches at CCV and works at the Family Center of Washington County. She has published two books of poetry and one book was a winner of the National Poetry Series. She is interested in how people understand themselves and history and words. She has had many jobs. Jackie works at Vermont Adult Learning and used to work at the Family Center. She is interested in theology and sociology. She has had a few jobs. They both had a show on WGDR. They both like dogs and swimming and food. Jackie has a longer attention span, Samn is more athletic. Jackie listens to NPR, Samn listens to old rock and roll. Samn belonged to a lesbian-feminist collective, and Jackie worked at a library and had two children. They both like books. They both like walks. They love their friends and children. They live in a house in Montpelier that is not in the flood zone.

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7 March 2007

Marcia Karp Visits Woman-Stirred Radio

Please join Woman-Stirred Radio for an interview with Marcia Karp, poet extrodinaire! Marcia Karp has poems and translations in Partisan Review, The Republic of Letters, Literary Imagination, The Guardian, Seneca Review, Agenda, Harvard Review, Ploughshares, and in both Penguin Book's Catullus in English, and Petrarch in English.
Karp's work is also forthcoming in Pusteblume and the TLS.

Accepting the invitation of Oxford Professor of Poetry, Christopher Ricks, Karp read her poems at Balliol College, Michaelmas Term 2005.

Marcia's poems are lyrical and sometimes haunting sketches of fragile relationships, poignant self-discovery, and imagination.

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6 March 2007

Letter from Deela Khan to Nelson Mandela

This came from the dear friend of Woman-Stirred, Deela Khan in South Africa. We’re pleased to add it to the blog.


Birthday Wishes & Condolences for Nelson Mandela
18 July 2006

My Dearest Madiba
(Father of our Nation)

A magnificent 88th birthday I wish you. May you & the lovely Lady Graca also have a joyous and memorable 8th Wedding Anniversary. How blessed a nation we are to have you to guide us still. The whole planet is rocking in celebration of your birthday today. From Pope to pauper, barefoot kiddies to octogenarian grannies and grandpas, we are blowing you wishes from the heart and flying you lilies and roses and cards and poems and blessings. Yet, amidst the festivities and joy, I know, your heart secretly reflects on the passing of your little ones who have had their brief lives snatched away by AIDS or in violence today, on your birthday. Please accept our heartfelt condolences for all who have died so tragically without a shred of dignity.

How can I tell you how sorry we are for your loss, for the vanishing of so many of your young in the past 6 months of much laughter and much sorrow? How we hurt to witness the perpetual slaughter of your little boys and girls who have fallen victim to brutal molestation and rape by their teachers, neighbours, trainers, and those tortured and murdered by parents and relatives and people burning with the itch to kill.

We extend our deepest sympathy for all those innocents who with broken bodies were coffined like dolls to enter eternity, eternally shattered. We pray for your loved ones who mercifully exited cycles of abuse and torture, purple black with the scars and contusions tattooed on their corpses, to your little darlings emaciated, with eyes protruding and dead, bodies wasted by AIDS, hunger, smarting diseases of the lungs, heart, gut and head. And to the fallen future of our land disfigured by burn wounds, defaced by knife wounds, perforated by gun wounds, cruelly sent to back to their Maker with pistol, stick, belt and brick wounds and the sad inflictions of human hands and feet turned implements of torture.

Struggling for solutions to re-instate conscience to regenerate the misplaced morals of a lost generation, we acknowledge this mass slaughter as mass sacrifice and in grief and sorrow we walk with you, our hope, our Madiba. With our rights lost between pages of nonchalance we desperately hunt for the antidote to this scourge blighting the sacredness of life, snuffing the breath from our young, our hope, our future.

My Madiba, may the rays of the morning sun light you up like a lighthouse so that the energy you spill will help heal our time that seems to have misplaced its moral codes. I wish I knew how to lift all this sadness from your soul. You are doing so much for our nation to lift the Dis-ease. May you live for a whole century, God-willing!                                                 
Deela Khan

3 March 2007

Fire and Velvet

"Once more they flew upward and, finding a cleft in the sky, they found their way into the Third World. Again the courier went out to explore and again found bare land except for a great river flowing to the East. This was the female river..."

Fire and Velvet

Somewhere, it is written that
the hands of a woman
are agile and fiery.

I understand this
this velvet heat.

She knew that—
from the first time her hands
ran like a river down my back,

the sheen of sunbeams
breaking into rainbows behind
my closed eyes.

Many Moons

This "moon cat" comes from our friend, Deela. I was enchanted with the photograph as the companion of a feline named GertrudeSteinGertrudeStein, and as a dreamer about the moon. As I write this morning it also seems an appropriate picture for today because where I live at least. near the vortex of evil, Washington, DC, there will be a lunar eclipse.

I hope everyone reading has a moment this evening to look up to the moon, eclipsed or not, and contemplate the moon and the darkness and light of our lives. Hang your feline desires on the crescent of the moon, hang your human aspirations on the presence of hope and love.

1 March 2007

Samara Foundation on Woman-Stirred Radio

Please join Merry Gangemi today, Thursday, March 1st at 5:00 p.m. (EST), for an interview with Samara Foundation's executive director Suzanne Stofflet and founder Bill Lippert (D-Hinesberg). Bill was a driving force behind the successful civil union legislation and serves in the Vermont legislature.

You can find out more about Bill Lippert, Suzanne Stofflet, and Samara Foundation by clicking on the names.

So tune in to Woman-Stirred Radio this afternoon at 5:00 for an interesting and informative discussion with Bill Lippert and Suzanne Stofflet.

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