25 April 2007

Melissa Ferrick Is Woman-Stirred

Melissa Ferrick will be rescheduled

Melissa Ferrick's twelfth album, In the Arms of Strangers.was released this past October and as with all her past complilations, the music continues to mature and the emotion is deeper,enthusiastic, and honest.

Leave it to Melissa Ferrick to catch the listener straight out.

Join Merry Gangemi and the rest of Woman-Stirred for a conversation with Melissa Ferrick, this Thursday, April 26th. Music from 4 to 5; interview begins at 5. Listen live at 91.1 fm in Central Vermont or stream it live at WGDR

Woman-Stirred Radio,the best GLBTQ programming in Vermont...and the rest of the world!

9 April 2007

There's More to Merry Gangemi This Week on Woman-Stirred Radio

Don't miss Woman-Stirred Radio this Thursday 12 April, when the spotlight is reversed and listeners will have the pleasure of finding Merry Gangemi sitting in the guest chair. Yes, Woman-Stirred Radio's very own host is to be interviewed on her own show.

Merry Gangemi, Vermont's finest
Each week, Merry turns her well-researched and careful attention to her guests. She is an insightful interviewer, unafraid to ask those searching questions, and at the same time she never dictates the journey of the conversation, encouraging her guests to explore and share the best of themselves. An interview with Merry Gangemi is always an experience to be enjoyed.

Now, Merry's Woman-Stirred friends - Jan Steckel, Julie Enszer, and Nicki Hastie - have the opportunity to engage our favourite radio host and interviewer in conversation about her life. We invite you to share in Merry's journey as a writer, activist, poet, editor, and all round dilettante.

Join us to find out how Merry arrived as a winter pioneer in Vermont via San Francisco; learn about Woman-Stirred Radio and the plans for future programming, bringing you the best of GLBTQ culture for Vermont and the rest of the world; and, most importantly, tune in to hear Merry read from her poems as we investigate her inspiration, influences, cultural dreams, political activism, and motivation to speak out for truth.

Merry Gangemi in action

Merry Gangemi holds a BA in English Literature from New York University, and an MA in Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University. Merry has studied at the University of Copenhagen and has traveled widely in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and South America. In 1999, she received the Audre Lorde Creative Writing Award in poetry (SFSU). Her poems and short fiction have been published in Paterson Literary Review, Sinister Wisdom, Street Spirit, Harrington Lesbian Literary Quarterly, and The Journal of NJ Poets.

Merry is a writer, freelance copy editor and editor, organizer of Vermont's annual Tea & Poetry festival, and she is a member of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Vermont program committee.

And, of course, Merry is programmer and host of Woman-Stirred Radio, the GLBTQ cultural journal that airs every Thursday afternoon, from 4 until 6 (ET) on WGDR 91.1 fm, Goddard College's community radio station, also streaming online at www.WGDR.org.

So - tune in this Thursday, 12 April, to hear Merry spin some great music from 4pm (ET). The not-to-be-missed interview is live from 5.

4 April 2007

The Reverand Jane Newall visits Woman-Stirred Radio !!

Please join Merry Gangemi and Woman-Stirred Radio for a visit with The Reverand Jane E. Newall, the founding pastor of Yakima’s Rainbow Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church. And as anyone of any religion or spiritual practice could, in these times of escalating violence and perfidy and the relentless attacks on GLBTQ Americans, a woman with her vision and insight shines.

So tune in to 91.1 fm, in Central Vermont, or stream it live on WGDR.

Woman-Stirred Radio airs every Thursday afternoon from 4 until 6 pm (ET). Tune in at 4 for great music, all interviews begin at 5.

Call in and join the dialogue: 802 454-7762.