29 May 2007

"but then you danced" by Jeanne Lupton

I love small books so I was delighted to receive Jeanne Lupton’s small chapbook of tanka, but then you danced, in the mail. This hand-made, self-produced book is a delight to read. but then you danced contains just over forty-five tanka which are punctuated by artwork cutouts by the poet. This tanka early in the collection gives an idea of what is in store in the book,

she brings me mangos
from Asia                from the Islands
from the market
many summers have come and gone
always I loved mangos

Jeanne Lupton is a reflexologist and is actively engaged in the poetry community of the East Bay.

but then you danced is a delight to read. The poems themselves are imagistically strong. They trap images with moments and emotions in powerful and effective ways. For people interested in reading tanka to learn to write them, this book will inspire. For people interested in the production of books, this is an excellent model of how a beautiful book can be produced and distributed by an enterprising poet.

You can order your own copy for $10 including postage. I recommend a copy to tuck in your bag for extra found moments during the day and a copy to pass on to a friend.

In case you are uncertain, consider this tanka which concludes the collection,

darkness too
darkness is a goddess
close your eyes
she is always with you
there is nowhere that is not your home

The women of Woman-Stirred are pleased to have Jeanne Lupton as a friend!

16 May 2007

An Honest Look at Homelessness Among Queer Youth

Since the watershed of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, in NYC's Greenwich Village, two generations of gays and lesbians have grown-up and benefitted from the gains in visibility, econmic security, and cultural richness. But not all of our sisters and brothers and children have been fortunate. Throughout the United States, legions of exiled, poor, and vulnerable young men and women are living on the margins of our abundance. They have been discarded by their families, tormented by straight peers, and disappeared by many networks of social services and children's services.
Through the process of producing this series, An Honest Look at Homelessness among Queer Youth, I have been told that some local Vermont social services are "sensitive" to the issues; rather than openly identify queer youth as part of their client population, queer clients are simply blended into mainsteam programs and counselors.

What are the costs of these practices? What can we do? How can we, collectively as a Community and a Nation, work for change? How can we reachout and provide the resources necessary for our queer children, youth, and young adults?

Please join Merry Gangemi and Lluvinia Stanard-Mulvaney of OutrightVT, tomorrow, on Woman-Stirred Radio, as we begin a dialogue on the the epidemic of homelessness among queer youth. The discussion begins at 5 p.m. (edt), 2 p.m. (pdt), and 3 p.m. (cdt).

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12 May 2007

After a Conversation with Deela Khan

I had never called South Africa in my life.
Yet, between milliseconds of transmission,
between her voice and mine,
gravity and blood
weeping and running
like a river running
a river running from itself.

And then after I hung up the phone,
and the connection broke,
I knew
I had found a friend.

Woman-Stirred: Letter from Deela Khan to Nelson Mandela

Woman-Stirred: Letter from Deela Khan to Nelson Mandela

8 May 2007

Laura Flanders on WGDR's Quilting Hour

True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians!

The subtitle of Laura Flanders' new book Blue Grit speaks volumes to the cynical and discontented, specifically that the 2004 election was NOT the total defeat Republican's bleated about. Flanders is a self-defined "optiholic" and has plenty to tell:
  • More voters cast ballots... and participated in election-related activities than in any election in years.
  • Almost 60% of eligible Americans cast a ballot.
  • Every one of the Democrats who voted against the Iraq war resolution won reelection by a healthy margin.
  • Rock the Vote registered 1.4 million new voters.
  • As many as 20.1 Americans, age eighteen to twenty-nine voted, up from 18 million in 2000, the biggest leap of any age demographic!
So. Cheer Up!!

... and tune in to the The Quilting Hour, Wednesday, May 9th at 8:30 a.m., EST

Laura Flanders

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2 May 2007

Taking on the Big Boys

Ellen Bravo has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 14, 2007, at 5:00 EDT

Join Woman-Stirred Radio this Thursday, May 3rd for an interview with Ellen Bravo, a long-time activist for working women. She began working for 9to5, National Association of Working Women in 1982, when she helped found the Milwaukee chapter, and served until 2004 as its national director.

Ellen Bravo teaches Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, including masters level classes on Family-Friendly Workplaces and on Sexual Harassment, and serves as a consultant to 9to5.

She coordinates the Multi-State Working Families Consortium, a network of state coalitions working for family-flexible policies.

In addition to Taking on the Big Boys, Ellen co-authored (with Ellen Cassedy) The 9to5 Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and wrote The Job/Family Challenge: A 9to5 Guide, and numerous articles.

So in Central Vermont, tune in to Merry Gangemi and Woman-Stirred Radio, on WGDR 91.1 fm, or stream it live at WGDR.

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