28 August 2007

Amy Ray on Woman-Stirred Radio

Last week was an interesting one for Woman-Stirred Radio! Nicki Hastie, who was visiting the United States with her partner, Andrea Barker, was in Provincetown, MA with Merry Gangemi and Elizabeth Hansen. Nicki and Merry had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. It was an interview put together very quickly and on short notice. And to make things even more exciting, we were in PTown! But the flexibility and hospitality of WOMR 92.1 fm, the Outer Cape's community radio station, helped us put it all together.

This Thursday, Nicki will be live from Nottingham, England at 4:30 pm to talk about her first trip to New England and her first poetry reading in America. Then Merry will play the Amy Ray interview.

After that, Nicki will come back on the line to talk about the interview and the influence of the Indigo Girls on British music and the British lesbian community.

So tune in this Thursday, August 30th, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, to Woman-Stirred Radio, the most exciting Queer cultural journal ever! Woman-Stirred Radio, on WGDR 91.1 fm in Plainfield, Vermont. Also streaming online at WGDR.org. The Amy Ray interview plays at 5:00pm.

Postcard from Provincetown

After wishing "a fond farewell and hope to see you soon" to Julie, the two couples moved on to Provincetown, Massachusetts,

where Nicki and Andrea went whale-watching (video to follow soon),

and the sun set on a wonderful experience all round

One thing's for sure, this is only the beginning of our adventures, and I will certainly be back to experience more with my very special Woman-Stirred friends!

Postcard from Vermont 7: That picnic again!

The picnic at Unadilla Theatre really was the best. Here are some of the photos Julie couldn't show you.

Exploring the local wildlife

Julie knows how to whip up the cream for the delicious pie

Nothing tells a story better than a shadow picture, as Merry (arms raised) celebrates the coming together of the famous five - left-to-right: Nicki, Merry, Julie, Andrea, and Elizabeth

It was very appropriate to see a performance of Joe Orton's Loot given my (and Andrea's) connections with Orton's home town of Leicester in England, and especially interesting to hear the play performed with American accents. I had to laugh at the depiction in the program of Leicester as "the depressing Midland city". I would never describe it that way. But then again, in our pasts, we both separately decided to move from Leicester to Nottingham!

Postcard from Vermont 6: Poets and Special Friends

I'm back in Nottingham so soon. It's too sad! It has been fabulous to meet up with Merry and Julie. Now it's my turn to open up my camera for your perusal.

These photos prove the three of us really met. Most importantly they prove that Julie was there. You wondered where the pictures of Julie were, right?

Three poets meet for the first time at Langdon Street Cafe, Montpelier

Three poets become four when Jan joins us by telephone for a special Woman-Stirred Radio show

Three friends stepping out in Montpelier

26 August 2007

Postcard from Vermont 5: Tea & Poetry

Tea & Poetry is the event that the incomparable Merry Gangemi organizes every year as a fundraiser for the AFSC of Vermont. Two days, over ten poets, lots of sunshine, and delicious formal English tea. What could be better? Here are a few snapshots from our two days in East Hardwick.

Postcard from Vermont 4: Theatre

Our picnic preceded an evening at Unadilla Theatre near Merry and Elizabeth's home. We saw Loot by Joe Orton. It was a hoot. In addition, there were used books for sale to browse during the intermission. It was a lovely evening!

Postcard from Vermont 3: Picnic!

Merry and Elizabeth cooked up the best picnic ever when we were there. Here are the photos from their delicious meal!

24 August 2007

Interview with Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls

Some things always work out no matter what the planning or the expectations. And today things converge to bring Woman-Stirred Radio's Merry Gangemi together with the Indigo Girl's Amy Ray at 1:05 pm for a live interview in the studio of Provincetown's own WOMR 92.1 fm.

Even though this interview was arranged this morning because of a change in Amy Ray's schedule and I'm on vacation on the Cape hundred's of miles from home, the incredible energy and hospitality of WOMR makes this interview possible.

So tune in or stream it LIVE at www.womr.org. And when I get home to Vermont, I'll replay the interview on Woman-Stirred Radio for all of my listeners at WGDR 91.1 fm.

15 August 2007

Postcard from Vermont 2: The Quilting Hour with Merry Gangemi

Julie and Nicki joined Merry Gangemi this morning on The Quilting Hour, a radio collective, at WGDR where Merry is a regular host. We played some tunes and gabbed. You can listen to the show in the WGDR archives. We had a few funny moments.

Here is Merry at the studio, looking like the seasoned radio host that she is:

And Nicki getting ready to go on air!

Postcard from Vermont 1: Queer Writers Read

Last night, Julie R. Enszer, Nicki Hastie, and Merry Gangemi all ready from their work at the Langdon Street Cafe.

With a receptive crowd all three of us opened with a reading of a poem from Jan Steckel's book, The Underwater Hospital, which you can see peeking below the pages that Merry is holding in this photo.

Nicki Hastie enjoys her first formal reading in the United States! All of us are marveling at being together in the flesh for the first time.

Jeannine served as an adept mistress of ceremonies.

We send best wishes to all of the readers of Woman-Stirred and especially our comrade, Jan! Wish you were here!

Jan Steckel Reading in Oakland Last Month

Hello Woman-Stirred Readers:

Coming shortly some updates from Vermont, but first, a photo of the Fantabulous Jan Steckel at a reading last month. Jan wrote,

Here's a photo of me with some of the readers at the Queer Eye for Oakland reading last month. I'm in the middle; Giovanna Capone, editor of Hey Paisan! (a collection of poetry by Italian-American lesbians) is on my left (to the right of me as you're looking at the photo) and Lenn Keller, a photographer and documentary director, is the beautiful black butch on my right. I think Hew Wolff took the photo, and it was taken with the camera of photographer Francesca Roccaforte, who is on the other side of Giovanna Capone from me. Francesca is wearing black pants and a Hawaiian shirt. I believe she was also a contributor to Hey Paisan! Lenn Keller's website is http://www.lennkeller.com/. She's working on a documentary called "A Persistent Desire."

Feast your eyes on fabulous Jan.

2 August 2007

Vermont welcomes you to Tea & Poetry

Well, it certainly feels like I'm being welcomed to Vermont for Tea & Poetry. Tea & Poetry is an annual event organised by the very special (and Woman-Stirred's very own) Merry Gangemi! A year ago, reading about the 2006 event, I was dreaming of making it to Vermont for August 2007. And now it's really happening. See how the power of poetry makes dreams come true.

Tea & Poetry poster

Please join us in East Hardwick, VT on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August for a fabulous weekend of poetry. Donations benefit the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). You'll find three of us on the line-up for Saturday 18 August: Merry, Julie, and me! Unfortunately Jan can't make the trip this time, but we all know she is with us really, giving her support. Next August (2008) we aim to join Jan in Oakland, California to make the Woman-Stirred voices complete.

I crossed the pond via the airwaves of Woman-Stirred Radio last year. But the English one is really coming to America this August! My first time in New England. I hope to see you there.