16 November 2007

Check out Woman-Stirred over at Wow Women on Women

There’s a new website in town, WOW! Women on Women. Donna Mete is the founder and organizer of it and it looks great. Donna is producing an interesting webcast and aggregating lots of great blogs, podcasts, and video content over there. Go check out Wow! Women on Women.

Wow! Women on Women is podcasting the fabulous Woman-Stirred Radio program, which airs every Thursday from 4-6 p.m. EST on WGDR. While it’s available for streaming live during the show, for many it may be more convenient to listen to the podcasts over at WOW! All of us at Woman-Stirred encourage you to check it out and listen to the fantabulous Merry Gangemi.

Wow! Women on Women also will be running Julie R. Enszer's CIVILesbianIZATION columns on a regular basis. The first one is posted. It’s titled, Marking our Time Together: Reflections on Lesbian Anniversaries. Go and check it out!

7 November 2007

Morgan Hunt's Tess Camillo Comes to Woman-Stirred

Morgan Hunt

Mystery writer Morgan Hunt brings Tess Camillo to Woman-Stirred Radio for a visit with Merry Gangemi.

"Tess Camillo never meant to be a sleuth. Then again, this wry lesbian never imagined someone would try to kill her...especially not with a snake. The police are convinced the incident at Tess's home was an accident. But when another woman is found murdered a few weeks later--with a snake as the culprit--Tess and her loopy hetero housemate try to unravel the mystery."

Curious? Tune in this Thursday for a talk about mysteries, writing, lesbians, and breast cancer. Interview begins at 5 p.m. (EST), 2 p.m. (PST). Stream it live at WGDR.

Born in raised on the Jersey Shore, Morgan Hunt did a stint in the Navy and lived in San Diego for more than 25 years. A breast cancer survivor, Morgan now lives in Ashland Oregon and is working on the next Tess Camillo mystery.

Nicki Hastie
joins me at 5:30 (EST) to talk about lesbians beyond the LWord.

Woman-Stirred Radio broadcasts live every Thursday on 91.1 fm and on WGDR.org. Air studio phone: 802 454-7762. Join the conversation!