11 September 2009

Electa Arenal and Sor Juana on Woman-Stirred Radio

This Thursday, September 17th, Electa Arenal visits Merry Gangemi and Woman-Stirred Radio. She'll discuss her critically acclaimed translation of La Respuesta, one of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz's seminal works. Dr. Arenal teaches Spanish/Latin American literature at the College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center, The City University of New York. She is highly regarded for her scholarship of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, the most important female voice in seventeenth-century Mexico.

Sequestered in a convent in Mexico City, Sor Juana wrote passionately in support of education for women. Sor Juana's work remains illuminating and still pertinent to the the lives of women four hundred years later. Sor Juana achieved extraordinary intellectual freedom, and was widely renowned as a poet, playwright, and essayist. La Respuesta is a remarkable response to church officials who continually attempted to silence her brilliant mind and authoritative voice.

There is also the matter of the viceroy's wife.

So please tune in to 91.1fm or stream us live at WGDR. on Thursday, September 17th, at 4:15 (eastern) for a fascinating conversation about La Respuesta with Electa Arenal. Interview begins at 4:15.

9 September 2009

Jane Satterfield on Woman-Stirred Radio

This Thursday, September 10th, at 4:15, Jane Satterfield joins host Merry Gangemi on Woman-Stirred Radio to discuss her new book, Daughters of Empire.

The book delves into the complex relationships women negotiate in the decision to become mothers and the "complicated legacies of maternal history, both public and private." * Through her carefully honest narrative, Satterfield brings the reader along on her journey of renewed self-discovery. The memoir brilliantly weaves memory and familial legacy into a poet's credible and perceptive self-portrait of the artist.

Born in England and educated in the U.S., Jane Satterfield received an MFA from the University of Iowa. Her first poetry collection, Shepherdess with an Automatic received the Towson University Prize for Literature; her second, Assignation at Vanishing Point, received the Elixir Press Poetry Prize. She has received three Individual Artist Awards in poetry from the Maryland State Arts Council and is also the recipient of fellowships from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Sewanee Writers Conference, and the Wesleyan Writers Conference. Her nonfiction has received the Heekin Foundation's Cuchulain Prize for Rhetoric in the Essay, the John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Award, and the Florida Review Editors' Prize in Nonfiction. She teaches at Loyola College in Maryland. (NEA)

*Demeter Press

2 September 2009

Interview with Jan Steckel Postponed

Alas, I and the US Mail failed to get a copy of my book to Merry Gangemi in time, so we decided together to postpone my interview with her tomorrow. Let that be a lesson to you all, potential interviewees!

We'll post a new date soon for me to be on the show later in the fall. Meanwhile, you can still purchase my fiction chapbook MIXING TRACKS (Gertrude Press, 2009), winner of the 2008 Gertrude Press Fiction Chapbook Award for LGBT writers for $8 at http://www.gertrudepress.org. (Select Catalog and click on Chapbooks.) That way you'll be able to call into the studio the day of the interview with comments or questions.

Here's what publisher says about the book: "A darkly comic and oddly touching story of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and a plane crash that crushes human bodies while leaving the mandolins unharmed. In MIXING TRACKS, Jan Steckel strikes an unsettling balance between the consolations of memory, the thrilling ephemerality of youthful ambition, and our shared need for connection, even (or especially) when our world seems to have to come to its end."

Sorry about the delay!

Jan Steckel
The Underwater Hospital (Zeitgeist Press, 2006) Available for $5.00 at http://www.zeitgeist-press.org
Mixing Tracks (Gertrude Press, 2009) Available for $8.00 at http://www.gertrudepress.org