29 March 2011

Lois Eby and Elizabeth Oakes on Woman-Stirred Radio

This week, Thursday March 31st at 4:15,  I'm thrilled to welcome back Elizabeth Oakes to talk about her newest collection, Mercy in the New World, perhaps her most haunting and tangibly profound work yet.  

Co-founder and co-editor of the Kentuck Feminist Writers Series, Elizabeth Oakes is the author of three volumes of poetry: The Farmgirl Poems, which won the 2004 Pearl Poetry Prize, The Luminescence of All Things Emily, and Mercy in the New World. She has published in such journals as Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary JournalThe Louisville ReviewHarvard Journal ofFeminist Studies in Religion, and Room of One's Own, among others. She holds the Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and taught Shakespeare and Women's Poetry at Western Kentucky University until 2009, when she retired to write. She lives in Bowling Green, KY, and Sedona, AZ. 

Then at 5:00, I welcome Vermont visual artist Lois Eby, whose work can be seen at The Vermont Arts Council Spotlight Gallery at 136 State Street, from  March 3rd until April 22nd. The retrospective, Momentary Dance: Lois Eby 2008-2010, can be seen March 3rd through April 27th. Click HERE to view her artist statement. 

So please tune in or log on to Woman-Stirred Radio 4:15 poet Elizabeth Oakes and artist Lois Eby at 5:00.

24 March 2011

Richard and Barbara and Martin! Oh My! Joseph and Hearts and Minds! Oh No!

This Thursday, March 24th, on Woman-Stirred Radio, at 4:15 and 5:00 pm (eastern), Merry Gangemi
welcomes  Joe Piscatella, MD, who, along with Barry A. Franklin, is the author of Prevent, Halt, and Reverse Heart Disease (Workman, 2011).

Here's a bit of an excerpt:

"Beginning with assessing cardiac risk (from traditional factors such as cholesterol to newer ones such as C-reactive protein) and covering diet, exercise, stress relief, medications and procedures, this book is a complete guide to the lifestyle changes that can make a life-or-death difference. Medically up-to-date and easy to implement, it is a program that will help readers know what to do and how to do it to increase cardiovascular health" (1).

When he was thirty-two years old, Joe Piscatella "had to pick himself up from the operating table after emergency by-pass surgery and learn to recover his full cardiac health..." (2).  Needless to say, he has done quite well and in the process shars his experiences and knowledge in his book. So. Tune in to Woman-Stirred Radio this Thursday, March 24th at 4:15 for an interesting and informative conversation with Joe Piscatella. 

Then at 5:00, glbtq historian Martin Duberman returns to Woman-Stirred Radio to talk about his newest book, A Saving Remnant: The radical lives of Barbara Demming and David McReynolds.

"By the time their paths first crossed in the 1960s, Barbara Deming and David McReynolds had each charted a unique course through the political and social worlds of the American left. Deming, a feminist, journalist, and political activist with an abiding belief in nonviolence, had been an out lesbian since the age of sixteen. The first openly gay man to run for president of the United States, on the Socialist Party ticket, McReynolds was also a longtime opponent of the Vietnam War—he was among the first activists to publicly burn a draft card after this became a felony—and friend to leading activists and artists from Bayard Rustin to Quentin Crisp" (3).

It's an interesting juxtaposition of two beloved activists whose contributions equal rights and social justice endure to this day. Initially unfamiliar with McReynolds (who was the first openly gay man to run for president of the United States), the book opens up an interesting man in an interesting time.

16 March 2011

Dr. Maggie Kozel on Woman-Stirred Radio

At 5:00 (eastern), this Thursday March 17th, on Woman-Stirred Radio, Merry Gangemi welcomes Dr. Maggie Kozel to a conversation about Kozel's new book: The Color of Atmosphere:  One doctor's journey in and out of medicine.

"[It] can be hard to distinguish truth from a perfectly good answer,"  Maggie Kozel tells us in The Color of Atmosphere. She was in her second year of medical school when this thought came to her. There were many truths Maggie Kozel would struggle with during her years as a pediatrician in the U.S. health care system.

"In, The Color of Atmosphere,  Kozel's personal story plays out against the broader backdrop of our changing health-care system, and demonstrates the way our method of paying for health care has reached its way into the exam room, putting a stranglehold on how doctors practice, and  profoundly influencing the doctor-patient relationship."

A graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine (1980 ), Maggie Kozel specialized in pediatrics. She completed her residency at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. She served as a general medical officer on board the USS McKee and as a pediatrician at the U.S. naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. Dr. Kozel entered private practice, eventually as pediatrician/partner at Narragansett Bay pediatrics.

So. This Thursday March 17th at 5:00, Dr. Maggie Kozel is Woman-Stirred! Tune in locally at 91.1fm and 91.7 fm or listen with the rest of the world at WGDR. Want to join in the conversation? call the air-studio at 802.454.7762.

6 March 2011

Katherine V. Forrest is Woman-Stirred

This coming week on Thursday, March 10th, at 5:00, Merry Gangemi welcomes Katherine V. Forrest to Woman-Stirred Radio. Forrest is the iconic lesbian author of the Kate Delafield mystery series: Handcock Park (2004); Sleeping Bones (1999); Apparition Alley (1997); Liberty Square (1996); Murder by Tradition (1991); The Beverly Malibu (1989); Murder at the Nightwood Bar (1987); and Amateur City (1984). Forrest's classic lesbian novels have enjoys an enduring readership and many are now being re-released by Bella Books and Spinster's Ink. At a time when lesbians began to claim space and visibility for their creative work, Forrest's imaginative re-vision of the lesbian novels entertained and inspired thousands of lesbians everywhere, offering alternate narratives that explored lesbian-feminist alternatives to pathelogical portraits of lesbians depicted by books such as Radclyffe Hall's Well of Loneliness (1928), and the plethora of lesbian pulp fiction published in the 1950s and 1960s. So join us this Thursday, March 10th at 5pm (eastern) for an interesting and informative interview with Katherine V. Forrest.

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