22 August 2012

This Week on Woman-Stirred Radio

This week, Deb Reger will fill in for Merry Gangemi on Woman-Stirred Radio. Deb's show,  Moccasin Tracks, explores the efforts, thoughts and wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of Vermont- and beyond- and also grassroots activism, including non-violent civil-resistance. The show questions  cooperation or resistance to the broken “white-priviledged” systems in place today that are desecrating all that is precious to Life-Affirming Human Beings that are living in peace and harmony with Mother Earth.

The second part of the show (3PM) rebroadcasts First Voices Indigenous Radio. (A production from Pacifica, a WBAI broadcast with radio producer and host, Tiokasin Ghosthorse)
National Native News, a production of Native Voice One, (www.nv1.org) will also be broadcast at the beginning of the show.

16 August 2012

Novelist Joyce Hinnefeld and Journalist Peter Potterfield

This week on Woman-Stirred Radio I welcome journalist Peter Potterfield at 4:15 and then at 5:00 I'll broadcast an interview with novelist Joyce Hinnefeld. When Joyce was visiting last month in the Plainfield area, we recorded an in-depth discussion of her two novels, In Hovering Flight and Stranger here Below.

First up at 4:15, journalist
Peter Potterfield, who writes about wilderness and adventure and his latest book, Classic Hikes of North America: 25 breathtaking Treks in the United States and Canada.

Potterfield, a former editor and publisher of MountainZone.com, has also written In the Zone, Himalayan Quest, Classic Hikes of the World, and Everest, the Anthology.

Classic Hikes of North America (WW Norton), is an eminently practical account of the best back country hikes in the United States and Canada. The book is filled with more than 200 exquisite photographs and detailed maps. Potterfield describes numerous hiking routes on the continent, including the White Mountains (NH), Big-Beaver and Little-beaver Loop (WA), and the Slate Range in the Canadian Rockies. 

Information and details note graded levels of difficulty, seasonal trail conditions, recommended seasons, potential hazards and difficulties, resource information, and logistical suggestions on travel and access to and from staging areas.

Peter Potterfield's interview begins at 4:15 and If you want to join the discussion or have questions, please call the air studio at 802.454.7762, or email me your question or comment.

Then at 5:00, I'll broadcast an interview with novelist Joyce Hinnefeld, recorded last month when Hinnefeld visited the Plainfield/Marshfield area (Pie-in-the-Sky B&B).

Her lyrical narratives, In Hovering Flight, and Stranger Here Below (Unbridled Books), draw one in to a world of emotional intelligence and plausible, extraordinary characters. The physical landscape and its avian inhabitants are compasses for characters whose passions and organic talents are both burden and benediction. Spanning decades, the novel probes female relationships, mother-daughter bonds, and the damages wrought by racism and fear. Hinnefeld's work challenges, refocuses, and illuminates our peculiarly American dilemmas of morality and values. 

In Hovering Flight is a tale of sustainable innocence in the life-long relationship Addie has with the natural world and the paramount importance and significance of birds. We follow the tale of Addie, her biologist husband Ton, and their daughter, Scarlet (named for the Cuvier's kinglet), a rare species once found in abundance in southeastern Pennsylvania. Spanning decades and always enveloped in a dreamy yet roughly realistic world, mundane, rapacious corporate interests collide with philosophies of education, the ballooning environmental crisis, intimate relationships, and personal integrity.

Joyce Hinnefeld
Stranger Here Below is a tapestry of complex and interwoven characters and the lives they make for themselves in spite of cultural expectations and social dictum. Hinnefeld probes intimacy and friendship within, over, and beyond boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, and class through the variant lives of women who are intelligent, exasperating, quirky, magnificent, and somewhat weird, but all with a sense of the power of ideas of art, religion, and imagination.

Joyce Hinnefeld has lived and worked in Chicago, New York City, and upstate New York. She now teaches at Moravian College, in Bethlehem, PA. Her fiction, prose, poetry, and essays can be found in print and online. Her book of short fiction, Tell me Everything (University Press of New England) won the 1997 Bread Loaf Writers Conference Bakeless Prize in Fiction, and Ron Charles of The Washington Post describes In Hovering Flight as "quiet as twilight and just as lovely." The novel was selected as the #1 Indie next Pick for September 2008. 

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